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I invite you anons to join the development of the hypertext adventure Miskatonic Valley.
I am awaiting your questions and opinions here ITT or in our /m/.

Miskatonic Valley is a world where the last remnants of twentieth century’s technology coexist with medieval-level society. The place where lucky travelers might find the traces of long-gone civilizations and magic, the hidden secrets and an opportunity to tell the story of their adventures.
We draw our inspiration from such games as Blood, Fallout and Silent Hill as well as Dark Tower and Evil Dead series.
This is a developing project – you can participate to create your own site representing location of its world. You can also cooperate with others to make your quests and stories more adventurous and complex.
The technology behind the project is simple: it utilizes hyperlinks and static html pages to create bigger sites users can explore. There is a system of codes which represent various items and pieces of information you need to complete quests and execute certain actions. You can use any text editor you like to save codes for further usage.

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Pierre's quest has been updated. Now you can return the key to him.

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Hey blokes, look what I found. That kind of websites may look odd nowadays, but I liked this one somehow.

>This site is a collection of photographs taken by Graeme Bell, taking you on a walk round this beautiful nature trail , to see some of it's natural splendour over the internet. This site allows you to view the beauty of the Moness Falls and the surrounding countryside, and has been designed to be easy to browse, and to walk around the birks, simply click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of each page.
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Kinda like it either. Wish those photos were hi-res.

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I'm not trying to pick on you or anything, but "either" is usually used in negative sentences. Or as a positive responce to a negative statement. "I hate school. - I don't like it either", for example.

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